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Business intelligence users stymied by quality worries

Richard Jones Archive
There are many benefits to using business intelligence analytics programs. Companies with these options can use a systematic understanding of their circumstances to improve overall performance and standing within their markets. There are challenges to overcome, however, before such programs can fully take hold.

According to the recent InformationWeek survey of analytics users, the main thing coming between businesses and intelligence is data quality. This year, it was the most-chosen response when workers were asked why analytics was not yet prevalent in a company. It has now held that position two years in a row.

The InformationWeek study revealed that 45 percent of respondents have data quality issues, reflecting almost no change from the previous study. The report was extremely upbeat about the future of business intelligence, meaning this is merely a hurdle to overcome rather than a fatal flaw.

The year ahead could be substantial for business intelligence adoption, meaning users must deal with the various problems hampering their progress. Nucleus Research proposed that 2013 could be the year that companies finally realize business intelligence's potential en masse, leading to a wealth of adoption as the usage cases become undeniable.