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Business success can be seen once data quality is achieved

Rachel Wheeler Archive
An increasing number of businesses are beginning to view data quality as an important issue that must be addressed in order to be successful, it has been claimed.

Speaking to DMNews, marketing technology expert Rod Ford has highlighted the need for organizations to optimize the information they hold about customers.

Mr Ford told the news provider that it was important that address data was entered correctly at the point of entry to avoid any costly mistakes later in the marketing process.

In order for this to be achieved, he recommended that businesses "utilize advanced data quality technologies and utilize them in multiple steps in the customer identity cycle".

"Advanced data quality in the database should be deployed weekly to ensure the identity and value of each customer is properly consolidated at any given instance," he added.

According to data released by the International Data Corporation, IT spending across the world has recovered well following the economic crisis, with many organizations catching up with upgrading important hardware infrastructure.

The news is consistent with the findings of several other surveys which claim that businesses will be looking to increase their spending on data quality projects this year.

Posted by Richard Jones