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Businesses advised to 'clean databases' regularly

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Organizations looking to take advantage of direct mail marketing campaigns have been advised to clean their databases on a regular basis.

Glen Cook, head of supporter services and database marketing for Macmillan Cancer Support, explained that housing inaccurate data will lead to unnecessary expense in the long-term.

The expert added that sending marketing information to out of date addresses is a waste of time and money.

"Cleaning your data could cost you 50 per cent less than the cost of campaign wastage and returns from bad data," Mr Cook stated.

The news may lead to an increase in the number of individuals looking to take advantage of address verification tools to ensure the accuracy of customer data.

Mr Cook was speaking at the Fundraising Standards Board's (FRSB) data standards seminar.

Delegates were also told that 29 per cent of charity supporters say they would stop supporting a charity that sent them badly targeted direct mail

Posted by Richard Jones