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Businesses advised to take proactive approach to data quality

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Nine out of 10 business executives say their companies are now data driven, according to a recent study by Capgemini on the impact of Big Data, but some still have their data quality approach backwards, according to IT Business Edge.

In fact, Search Data Management reports many business leaders are still taking a reactive approach instead of the proactive approach that's needed to identify and prevent data errors which could be detrimental to productivity. This is even more important in a corporate world that relies on speed to remain competitive.

"With so much business success depending on the condition of enterprise data, it behooves us all to give that data the best quality, content and standards possible," said Philip Russom, the director of TDWI Research, as quoted by IT Business Edge. "Most DQ solutions are in need of an update, expansion or replacement."

The source points out that many businesses are still relying on simplified data management systems that can only determine if the information is lined up correctly. However, companies must now be able to determine whether the information is reliable, accurate and good enough to serve as a foundation for important financial decisions.