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Businesses can follow Gartner's cloud recommendations

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Companies that are looking to adopt cloud computing technologies but remain worried about the lack of regulation in the sector may be interested in Gartner's Global IT Council for Cloud Services recommended rights and responsibilities.

The council has defined a number of ways in which service consumers can protect their rights while forming and maintaining successful business relationships with service providers.

Among the recommendations that Gartner offers are the right to retain ownership of data, the right to understand technical limitations of data, the right to understand providers' security provisions and the responsibility to understand and adhere to software license requirements.

"If cloud services are commoditized, providers should offer stronger customer guarantees," Daryl Plummer, managing vice president at Gartner, explains.

"We urge all enterprises to do what they can to establish these rights and responsibilities as the standard for cloud computing."

A number of companies still harbor concerns about the security of their data when it is stored on an external server.

Posted by Rachel Wheeler