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Businesses demand real-time processing for big data

Richard Jones Archive
As organizations acquire more information on internal and customer-facing operations, decision-makers are realizing the need for analytic and other data quality tools that can convert meaningless files into useful resources. This was highlighted in a recent study by GigaSpaces, which found that roughly 80 percent of firms now see big data processing as a mission-critical procedure.

The survey polled 243 IT executives and developers and found that roughly 70 percent need to process big data in real time. Approximately half that number also need to manage extremely fast and bulky information quickly.

"GigaSpaces has long recognized that the exponential growth of data is a challenge nearly every company will have to deal with at some point and that they will need infrastructure for their business apps that can carry them into the big data era with minimum disruption," said Adi Paz of GigaSpaces.

A separate report by InformationWeek also noted the ongoing demand for advanced data analytic tools capable of providing fast results. By using these solutions, organizations can quickly use their accumulated information to gain a competitive advantage over rival firms.