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Businesses encouraged to invest in improving data quality

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Organizations have been encouraged to continually invest in improving their data quality measures.

Writing for, David Carr, research analyst at Gleanster, explained that while businesses will never store "perfect" data, they can always strive to make it better.

He noted that businesses looking to improve the quality of information they keep should create a systematic process which can highlight and then eliminate most common mistakes.

"Errors creep in through manual data entry as well as automated glitches in merging data from different sources," Mr Carr added.

He noted that an organisation's tactics in this area can include improving validation processes at the point where information is being entered on to an IT system.

It follows recent comments from Dave Frankland, vice-president and principal analyst at Forrester Research, who said that the way in which businesses collect customer data must evolve alongside the ever-changing marketplace.

He explained that marketing professionals should think differently about the methods that they use to capture customer data if they want to encourage business growth.

Posted by Richard Jones