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Businesses entering the age of multidimensional data may need help

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Responses to a recent post by Information Management, which asked people to write in about how data affects their companies and job duties, highlight an important trend - data is becoming multidimensional. Some wrote in about data governance, the costs associated with fixing fundamental issues and the way it is interpreted once it's been structured.

However, the source noted that across the board people were looking at data in a new way: Instead of a single perspective, they were looking at data multidimensionally.

"Our goal should not be 'a single version of the truth' but how do we enumerate, rationalize and manage all the different versions of the truth. I see this as a driver for new essential work for IT people to do and that's a good thing," Chai Lam from Bank of Montreal told the source in a separate article.

Lam explains that businesses need to install parameters which guide data quality measures and optimize data use, rather than limit it. To achieve these aims, corporations might need to invest in additional people or tools to ensure the data they are using to guide important decisions is verified and of the utmost quality, adds Search Data Management.