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Businesses keen to diversify marketing mix

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Organizations in the US are generally keen to make use of alternative marketing outlets, a new study has revealed.

According to research by Crain's BtoB Magazine, 77 per cent of respondents would like to "expand or diversify their marketing mix" during the coming year.

The publication believes this shows that some organizations may be depending too much on the more established means of promoting their goods or services, such as emails.

This, it said, means they are falling behind in their ability to "effectively add new channels to their mix".

Crains's BtoB Magazine's research also revealed that many marketers find measuring the effectiveness of their promotional strategies difficult.

Indeed, statistics showed that more than one in three find "accurate measurement and attribution of online conversions" a big challenge.

The publication added that while email marketing is particularly popular with BtoB marketers, it is "plateauing in its ability to meet sales pipeline demands".

Posted by Rachel Wheeler