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Businesses 'lack time' to centralize data quality measures

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Centralized data quality is an important but difficult thing for organizations to achieve, an expert has claimed.

Writing an article for Dataflux, Joyce Norris-Montanari has highlighted the fact that although individual departments are able to concentrate on their own data quality, not enough time is taken to think about centralizing it across a business.

She suggested that guidelines and software were adopted to improve the way in which companies handle their data.

"Centralized data quality would definitely come from the enterprise data management group, but most of these groups are not thinking about master data or corporate data," Ms Norris-Montanari noted.

She blamed the fact that many individuals lacked the time to implement and manage a business-wide strategy for controlling information as the primary reason.

However, a blog article for Computer Weekly recently warned that centralizing data without proper regulation could lead to data quality issues.

It claimed that information must be regularly checked and updated to reduce the chances of error.

Posted by Richard Jones