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Businesses looking to outsource IT services

Rachel Wheeler Archive
A number of organizations may be looking to outsource responsibility for their IT and data processes, new research has suggested.

Industry analyst Gartner has reported that 53 per cent of businesses questioned report that they will be looking to external providers in 2010, with 40 per cent of those likely increase their external IT services spending.

The survey found that the percentage of organizations spending 50 per cent to more than 75 per cent of their IT spending on external service providers is on the rise.

''However, the results also showed that the pressure on capital and IT operating expenditure is still strong, and ... organizations expect providers to deliver further cost reductions,'' said Claudio Da Rold, vice-president and distinguished analyst at Gartner.

''Although 40 per cent of respondents said that they will increase the external share of their budget, only 24 per cent said that they will increase the budget for providers.''

Meanwhile, industry expert Jim Harris recently used his OCDQ blog to suggest that the high level of information which organizations now have to process and store is making data quality initiatives difficult.

Posted by Paul Newman