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Businesses must 'be aware' of online security threats

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Organizations need to ensure that they properly educate their employees on the dangers of cybercrime if they are to protect themselves online, it has been claimed.

Internet security specialists Norton has noted that successful data management on the web can only be achieved if there is a high level of education and awareness about the threats that businesses may face.

Dan Nadir, senior director of consumer products at Norton, explained: "While good security software is critical, even perfect security software cannot prevent a user from unintentionally giving out too much information online."

He continued, adding that the "increasing sophistication" of cyber threats coupled with the amount of money lost to cybercriminals meant that both organizations and consumers must "think seriously about how they are protected online".

The comments follow a recent study by Small Merchant Data Security, which found that while a significant number of businesses believe that their data is secure, 21 per cent remained unsure about its security, DM News reported.

Posted by Paul Newman