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Businesses 'must consider data quality when making CRM decisions'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
There are several considerations businesses must weigh up in their decision to deploy customer relationship management (CRM) software in or out-house, an expert asserts.

Angie Hirata, worldwide director of marketing and business development at Maximizer Software, tells that there are a number of key issues such as data quality to consider.

She asks: "What about your customer history, profiles, and analysis, as well as your customer service processes? … If your business lost part of this data, how would the future of your business be impacted?"

While acknowledging that some companies do not need this information, she says it is crucial to consider what the business impact would be if this went missing, the news provider reports.

Ms Hirata suggests that a hybrid solution prioritizing backups and security could be deployed, allowing information ownership while protecting the firm by using a third-party partner for CRM hosting.

David Markus, founder of Combo, recently told Smart Company that the value of CRM suites has been highlighted by the current economic downturn.