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Businesses 'must encourage meaningful dialogue with consumers'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Businesses have been encouraged to offer engaging and relevant promotional content in order to retain customers.

According to marketing specialist SourceLink, the means by which companies communicate with members of the public will continue evolving over the coming years.

However, the organization said the emphasis should remain on "nurturing a meaningful dialogue" with consumers.

"The opportunity to heed the voice of the consumer has never been greater," said Judith Hemmel, SourceLink's director of customer intelligence.

A report by the group has revealed many businesses are planning to continue using direct mail to engage with the public over the coming months, while web-based options including promotional emails and social media campaigns will also be popular.

SourceLink added that effective use of customer data has enabled brands to make sure their marketing campaigns are targeted effectively towards the right audience.

This, it stated, has supported their efforts to develop more substantial and long-term relationships with consumers.

Posted by Paul Newton