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Businesses must ensure they find the right SaaS tools

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Businesses have been warned about the potential risks that come with software as a service (SaaS) tools, as well as the benefits.

The analyst firm's Exploiting IT Management as a Service report explained that SaaS offers numerous benefits, but that chief information officers need to judge them on their merits.

Indeed, while the technology can help businesses reduce their costs and improve their database management options, it is important for companies to choose the right tools for their particular needs.

"SaaS saves time by allowing firms to implement software quickly, but it also reduces flexibility by forcing firms into taking whatever is offered from the provider, which can often include unnecessary applications as well," Ovum analyst Stephen Mann

"Furthermore, there are often complex relationships between the firms supplying, managing and maintaining the software, causing complications for end users around the governance of the systems."

Meanwhile, a recent article from Billing World said that adopting SaaS technology will allow organizations to devote their full energy to other aspects of a business.

Posted by Richard Jones