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Businesses must first understand Big Data to make best decisions

Rachel Wheeler Archive
In a recent entry for OCDQ blog, author Jim Harris explains that most businesses are in denial of their data quality needs until something catastrophic happens. Following the incident, they usually feel betrayed because they believed they were effectively tapping the potential of Big Data to meet and surpass their company's goals.

The discrepancy between the way businesses believe they use collected data, and the ways in which they actually use it, may be the result of misunderstanding about Big Data. Read Write Web points out that there is a lack of certainty surrounding this information even though most businesses continue to funnel money into Big Data.

The source highlights findings from recent CapGemini and Harris Interactive surveys, which found businesses had not done extensive investigation into what Big Data truly is.

Before businesses can gain actionable insight from Big Data, they must first gain a better understanding about what it actually is and how the information will fulfill a specific need. Then, they should implement a process that regulates data quality to avoid issues down the road.