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Businesses must 'optimize websites for their target demographic'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Businesses looking to upgrade their website technology have been given some sound advice by one industry expert.

Writing for DM News, Matthew Poepsel, vice-president of performance strategies at Gomez, has highlighted the importance to businesses of optimizing their online presence for their target demographic.

The expert explained that online retailers need to learn their customers' browsing and buying habits and then utilize this information to their advantage.

"Know your users. Different browsers and devices download website content in different ways. Know your customers' online buying habits, including their preferred browsers and devices," Mr Poepsel confirmed.

Furthermore, he added that it was important that organizations "optimize what counts" on their websites, such as the load times of the most critical revenue-generating transactions and pages in order to maximize profits.

Indeed, in a recent consumer survey, nearly one-third of respondents indicated they would abandon a website that took between one and five seconds to load.

Posted by Paul Newman