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Businesses 'must take online security seriously'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Online security should remain high on the agenda for businesses, experts have stated.

According to, the issue needs to be taken seriously so sensitive data does not end up falling into the wrong hands.

The group suggested businesses take steps such as encrypting files and emails so only those people with the required authorization can access them.

Furthermore, it advised making sure employees are given sufficient training on the security policies that are in place at a firm.

Tony Neate, chief executive officer at, commented: "The internet is a vital tool for businesses offering a myriad of opportunities, but businesses can also become victims of online fraud and identity theft – just like individuals."

He acknowledged that putting new security procedures in place can be difficult in the short term.

However, Mr Neate insisted it is a "savvy" investment for the future and far preferable to dealing with the consequences of a cyber attack.

Posted by Rachel Wheeler