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Businesses must understand data quality issues before fixing them

Rachel Wheeler Archive
In order to eradicate poor data quality, organizations must first understand why their systems and applications are creating bad data before working to improve them, it has been claimed.

According to an article by the Database Journal, companies can follow steps to improving their data quality and reducing unnecessary costs associated with incorrect information.

Alongside identifying where the data is incorrect within a business, individuals must set rules with which future information must adhere to and find a method of measuring it.

Furthermore, a data clean-up process and follow-on assessments will ensure quality measures are retained in the future.

The news report noted: "The quality of that data is only as good as the edits in the applications that collect the data."

"Poor quality data leads to many things including additional cost to your corporation."

Meanwhile, the importance of good data quality was highlighted recently after information industry forum VIP LiveWire claimed that incomplete information had played a major role in the build up to the financial crisis.

Posted by Paul Newton