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Businesses must view customers as 'biggest asset'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Businesses have been told that they should ensure that their customers are viewed as their most important asset.

Writing for DM News, David Northridge, vice-president of client retention at Experian QAS, said that one way of achieving this was to maintain accurate and complete contact data.

Failing to do this can result in damage being caused to customer relationships and a breakdown in communications and analysis.

The expert's comments may lead to an increase in organizations looking to implement data quality programmes or purchase address verification software to improve the worth of their information.

"Businesses today collect contact data at multiple points of capture, including websites, call centers, handwritten forms and at the point of sale," Mr Northridge explained on the site.

"It is important to make sure that customer contact data is input correctly at all entry points in order to ensure that bad contact data does not make its way into businesses processes."

Posted by Rachel Wheeler