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Businesses need to be forward-thinking to tackle data quality

Rachel Wheeler Archive
In order to maintain a high level of data quality, businesses must ensure that they adopt a proactive approach to dealing with issues, it has been suggested.

Writing on his Smart Data Collective blog, Jim Harris has highlighted the need for organizations to plan ahead and maintain maximum control over the source of their information.

"Although defect prevention is most commonly associated with business and technical process improvements, after identifying the burning root cause of your data defects, you may predictably need to apply some of the principles of behavioral data quality," he wrote.

Essentially, Mr Harris stated that businesses need to find common causes to data defects and then apply effective tactics and strategies to combat them.

Earlier this year, the expert wrote on his OCDQ blog that the majority of data quality errors occur at the point of entry.

He noted that, especially in the retail business, poorly filled in forms can lead to delays or cancelled payments.

Posted by Paul Newman