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Businesses need to focus on user experience

Richard Jones Archive

In today's technical business world, decision-makers need to prioritize customer experience to keep consumers satisfied and coming back for more. Unfortunately, not too many firms are using data quality tools to understand what clients want and how executives can meet these demands. This was highlighted in a recent study by WhatUsersDo that revealed only 18 percent of brands are seriously committed to providing users with the best possible online experience.

"The digital landscape is changing faster than it ever has and is becoming more complex,"said Lee Duddell, executive at WhatUsersDo. "Companies are grappling with not only how they can improve user experience, but how they find the budget, get board buy-in, embed it into their processes and prove the [return on investment]."

By implementing business intelligence tools and analyzing customer information, decision-makers may be able to find ways to deliver a better experience to users without impairing internal operations or security. Another report by Microsoft found organizations are beginning to use big data tools in an effort to improve customer care, a critical aspect of any successful company.

When executives take the time to learn what consumers want, they may be able to meet these demands by establishing new priorities and strategies.