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Businesses offered CRM tips for 2011

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Businesses looking to improve their CRM strategy for 2011 have been given some advice by one industry expert.

According to Rich Tehrani, chief executive officer of the Technology Marketing Corporation, there are a number of ways that organizations can better their customer interaction in the New Year.

Writing for TCM Net, the expert suggested that companies take full advantage of the social opportunities presented to them by the internet.

Hosting regular social networking meetings can help to keep marketing, product management, branding and executive teams up to speed, Mr Tehrani said.

In addition, he advocates a proactive approach to dealing with both positive and negative news.

Mr Tehrani explains: "What is being said about your company and what are you saying in return? Was a customer unhappy with an experience in your retail store? If so, what are you doing about it?"

"Did you address what actions you have taken as a result? For example, did you change your return policy? Did you decide to keep the store open longer during the holidays?"

Posted by Paul Newman