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Businesses 'putting themselves at risk after data breach'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Many firms have not drawn up a plan to help them cope with a data breach, a new survey has revealed.

According to research by Protiviti, 27 per cent of businesses either do not have a crisis response strategy or are unaware if one is in place.

Therefore, these companies could be ill-equipped to deal with the consequences of a hacking incident or a breach of sensitive information.

"As demonstrated by the frequency of media reports of data breaches, a lack of a crisis response plan suggests companies are placing themselves at an unnecessary risk," Protiviti commented.

Figures from the group also showed that more than one in five employees believe their senior managers cannot distinguish between sensitive data and other types of information held by their company.

Protiviti warned that an understanding of the difference between the two is crucial in order to ensure a firm has appropriate data management policies in place.

Posted by Paul Newton