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Businesses recognizing the importance of data quality initiatives

Rachel Wheeler Archive
A growing number of analyst firms and data integration vendors are recognizing the importance of data quality initiatives to their business.

Technology company Pervasive Software explains that organizations are now expecting fast, affordable and efficient solutions which can provide data matching, profiling and remediation.

The news comes after independent research firm Forrester announced a select few companies to participate in its Enterprise Data Quality Platforms report.

"As many analyst firms are recognizing, there has been a convergence of data integration and data quality in the marketplace," said Mike Hoskins, chief technical officer at Pervasive Software.

"We believe there is a rapidly growing need for data integration vendors … to provide robust solutions in the most critical segments of data quality."

Meanwhile, According to IT Business Edge blogger Loraine Lawson, enterprises must follow up on data quality projects by keeping them going over a period of time.

The industry expert noted that a recent survey conducted by Kalido had shown 80 per cent of large companies are now measuring and implementing data quality initiatives.

Posted by Rachel Wheeler