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Businesses should adopt a 'cross-functional' approach to data quality

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Businesses looking to improve their data quality must adopt a "cross-functional" approach, it has been claimed.

Writing for Smart Data Collective, Peter Thomas addresses the pressing issue of who should be responsible for data quality within an organization.

According to Mr Thomas, most businesses have two options when it comes to who looks after data quality, IT departments or the company as a whole.

However, he believes that the answer lies in combining the skills of both parties.

"Much like most business projects, improving data quality is going to require a cross-functional approach to achieve its goals," he writes.

"One of the best ways for not-IT to improve the quality of an organization's data is to get IT heavily involved in all aspects of this work."

Earlier this year, research conducted by Thomson Reuters and Lepus found that data quality was set to play an important role in the wake of the financial crisis.

A total of 77 per cent of companies surveyed planned to increase their spending on data quality projects.

Posted by Rachel Wheeler