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Businesses still face data quality problems despite advances

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Despite a number of advances in recent years to help organizations control their information assets, many businesses still face data quality problems.

According to an article by the Register, a lot of data-related problems remain, with many companies still struggling to control the large amount of information which they possess.

The news provider claims that problems are experienced when businesses look to collate data across fragmented systems, while inconsistencies can be experienced when information is pulled together.

"Part of this is no doubt due to the relentless growth in data," the article explains.

"You solve a problem in one area, only to have one or two more pop up in others while your back was turned. Keeping up with the growth and proliferation of data can be a very real challenge."

The need to implement effective data quality measures was highlighted by a recent study by Forbes and SAP, which stated that a small number of large enterprises were losing $20 million each year because of data-related issues.

Posted by Richard Jones