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Businesses told to 'manage risk' in cloud computing

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Concerns surrounding the implementation of cloud computing technologies can be managed if organizations pay close attention to the potential risks.

In general, the main issues faced by data management professionals when looking to migrate to the cloud surround security fears, uncertainty about compliance and resilience.

It comes as research conducted by Brocade and the Cloud Industry Forum suggests that the cloud is gradually becoming a critical part of modern business strategy.

The National Computing Center has claimed that these concerns will be mitigated if organizations properly manage them.

Michael Dean, head of marketing at the centre, said that security fears and uncertainty about compliance formed the basis of doubts at some firms.

"Putting your data and services in the cloud can raise many questions such as, what if I need to terminate a service or change providers? How easy will it be to get hold of my data? What if my cloud services provider ceases to operate? Will the contract lock me in? What about flexibility?" he explained.

Posted by Rachel Wheeler