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Businesses turn to email to 'save money'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
An increasing number of businesses have turned to email to help save them money on their marketing campaigns, it has been claimed.

A new article by WRM-Media has noted that email marketing's ability to target customers in an insightful and relevant way will become even more important in 2011.

The article said: “Along with its cost effectiveness, another key feature of email marketing that has continued to increase in importance is the ability to target consumers based on behavior, location, age and preferences.”

“In 2011, every form of media has seen predictions differ in whether they will rise or fall - signifying that the uncertainty is yet to subside. However, it is a safe bet that insight in to customer requirements and desires is going to be crucial for 2011.”

To achieve these goals, WRM-Media suggested that marketers will need to offer customers something unique and create a “bespoke service” where consumers are made to feel special through targeted promotions.

Posted by Rachel Wheeler