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Businesses unsure about 'social media responsibility'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
US organizations are still struggling to assign responsibility to a particular department for their social media activities, it has been claimed.

This is despite the growing importance that businesses are now placing on social media platforms such as Twitter or Facebook, Elemental Communications has suggested.

Tim Gibbon, director of the firm, explained that as well as simply looking after social media communications in-house, many companies are also outsourcing the responsibility to agencies.

It follows research from marketing agency Rocket which found that email marketing was considered to be more effective than social media at increasing sales and building brand loyalty.

"There has been a great deal of agencies that have incorporated social media into their services and there is much debate about who owns this space, from PR to marketing and search," he said.

Meanwhile, research by Experian Marketing Services has found that messages targeted at loyal customers are much more effective than bulk mailing.

Posted by Paul Newman