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Businesses urged to be proactive to tackle data quality

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Businesses hoping to improve their data quality procedures have been told that it is important to be proactive, rather than reactive to problems.

Speaking to IT Business Edge, Jim Harris has explained that often one of the biggest mistakes that organizations can make is failing to address issues before they occur.

"After we discover that we have duplicate records in the database - perhaps after integration - then we launch a project to clean up that data and identify and maybe either eliminate data duplicates or create one golden record to represent the best information for each unique customer - as opposed to a more proactive approach to data quality," he added.

According to the industry expert, the problem lies in the fact that company executives are hesitant about committing funds to projects for potential future problems.

"Reactive has historically been the primary focus of data quality and that’s why we end up fixing the problems after the fact," Mr Harris said.

Posted by Richard Jones