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Businesses urged to continue using email marketing

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Companies have been advised to keep using email marketing in order to engage with the public.

According to marketing consultancy SiriusDecisions, email remains a "very effective" way of communicating with consumers, BtoB reports.

As a result, the organization has urged businesses to continue sending promotional emails on a regular basis.

Matt Papertsian, research director at the group, commented: "You want to send out emails perhaps once a week but no fewer than once a month.

"It's important to keep your database warm."

However, Mr Papertsian stressed that the effectiveness of a promotional email comes down to how good the message actually is, rather than how often they are sent.

This, he said, means it is similar to direct mail, in that quality is more important than quantity.

Mr Papertsian was speaking after a study by BtoB found that marketers generally believe emails are an effective means of securing customers and nurturing leads.

Posted by Richard Jones