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Businesses urged to prioritize data values

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Organizations and businesses must give more thought to the value of different data "layers" next year, it has been argued.

ITBusinessEdge blogger Michael Vizard noted that data management is increasingly moving towards shared IT infrastructure in the form of virtualization and cloud computing.

However, he commented that many organizations currently do not have effective, enforceable policies for managing data in such virtual spaces.

"Most of them have storage systems where they allocate a portion of the storage system to a particular application," said Mr Vizard.

"But that's not the same thing as being able to automatically tier data across different layers of compute and storage based on the value of that data to the business."

He therefore noted that a key development will be the continuing evolution of data storage systems into information management systems that allow IT organizations to apply polices to different classes of data based on their value.

Posted by Richard Jones