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Businesses using social media for internal communication

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Data management processes are adapting to rising use of social media in the workplace.

According to Edward Saatchi, co-founder of internal social media network NationalField, businesses can dramatically increase productivity by up to 43 per cent by using such a system.

Furthermore, using an internal social network for communication can help companies save around $3,300 per employee each year by reducing the "email burden" and the amount of time that people spend on internal communication.

Mr Saatchi says that in US business circles, there is a growing sense that companies that do not embrace social media are going to get left behind, as these services can provide real-time performance reviews.

"It is tied to the real results of the organization every single day, not every single quarter. It is more responsive and it is more able to meet customers' needs," he continued.

Jon Callas, chief technology officer at Entrust, agrees that many firms are driving productivity with the introduction of internal social media systems.

Posted by Richard Jones