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Call center lines are 'no longer acceptable'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Organizations seeking a complete customer view for marketing have been warned that the next generation is unlikely to stand for waiting in call center lines.

According to Andy Timms, contact center specialist at communications integration company, Maintel, if firms want to maintain their retail customer loyalty, they must do away with telling them 'your call is important to us' and then keeping them waiting.

He said they are also more likely to demand a rapid response via email, Twitter, Facebook and text.

"The basic requirement to sell to customers and deal with their questions is increasing but over the past few years, the speed and range of communications mechanisms has accelerated beyond anything predicted," Mr Timms explained.

He added that this change has come about due to an instant gratification culture, exacerbated by the speed of communication through modern mobile technology and social media.

However, Claudia Hathway, editor of Call Centre Focus, said that customers have no objection to call centers as long as they are fit for purpose.

Posted by Paul Newton