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Call centers are fine if they offer good service, claims expert

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Organizations keen to improve retail customer loyalty have been advised that overseas call centers are not a problem as long as they are fit for purpose.

Claudia Hathway, editor of Call Centre Focus, said that most people come into contact with call centers to have their query resolved, so as long as this is done quickly and thoroughly, most customers will be unconcerned about where their phone call is directed.

"A lot of call centers are trying to use internet channels and other ways of communicating with them for those very simple enquiries. So, [when] finding your bank balance, you can do that automatically now without having to speak to someone," she said.

This frees up the call centers for more complicated enquiries and ensures that customers are not waiting for a prolonged period.

A number of people recently wrote into the Chicago Sun Times to complain that call centers are not focused on good customer service.

Posted by Richard JonesĀ