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Call centers can 'boost competitive advantage'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
An increasing number of organizations are reinvesting in their existing call centers in an attempt to boost customer retention rates, it has been claimed.

Forbes reports that companies are hoping to gain a better insight into their customers and enhance the call center experience they offer them.

Indeed, businesses are putting more money into improving services and using new technologies, from customer relationship management tools to automated service systems with "friendlier voices".

It follows the release of a recent survey by COLLOQUY which found that one-quarter of US consumers are far more likely to spread the word about a bad experience shopping than a good one.

"When they've had a bad experience, customers are quick to defect and oftentimes share those experiences with their social networks via sites like Twitter and Facebook," the news provider said.

The article noted that understanding their customers and building quality relationships and customer loyalty is imperative to a businesses future success.

Posted by Richard JonesĀ