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Call centers failing to deliver top customer service

Rachel Wheeler Archive
US-based call centers are failing to deliver optimum customer service because they are not recording and using customer satisfaction data.

This is according to a new study by ProtoCall One, which polled over 40 senior contact center decision makers.

A total of 95 per cent of respondents revealed that their contact centers are using call volume metrics such as call abandon rate, average speed of answer and average call length to measure agent performance.

However, just four per cent of those questioned always invite their customers to take part in an incentivised customer satisfaction survey after a call and 30 per cent revealed that they do not have a reliable method for measuring consumer feedback.

Andy Turner, solutions director at ProtoCall One, said: "There is still too much reliance on operational metrics such as average speed of answer. A longer wait for a call to be answered would be overlooked by a customer if they got an effective resolution to their problem."

Forbes recently reported that an increasing number of organizations are reinvesting in their existing call centers in an attempt to boost customer retention rates.

Posted by Rachel Wheeler