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Call centers must be 'customer focused'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Businesses must ensure that their customer contact centers are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

This is according to new research by the Aberdeen Group, which explains that customers want to interact with call centers at the time and manner that they want.

Entitled, Deriving Business Value from On-Demand Contact Center Solutions, the report highlights the benefits organizations can take advantage of if they decide to switch contact center services to an on-demand provider.

"Contact center systems outsourcing can lower infrastructure costs, reduce the size of dedicated internal support teams, and keep pace with technology," said Gaurav Patil, research associate and author of the study.

However, Mr Patil warns that there are some risks associated with moving to a cloud-based solution, mostly in the area of data management.

"These risks can be mitigated through careful solution selection and strong service level agreements," he added.

Elsewhere, ZD Net recently claimed that contact centers need to monitor customer feedback from a variety of sources, including social media.

Posted by Paul Newman