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Canadian immigration documents 'covered in mistakes'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Immigration documents for those looking to enter Canada are often plagued with mistakes, it has been revealed.

According to the Star, errors include spelling and order of names, mistaken genders and bad addresses of employers.

Citizenship and Immigration Canada regional program adviser Alan Kell said that the errors could also affect other government-issued identification documents such as social insurance and health cards.

Immigration lawyer Richard Kurland told the news provider: "If it's an error on a work permit, it means the person can't work. These errors can affect their lives and the lives of their employers."

Emails obtained under the Access to Information Act by Mr Kurland also contain comments by Randy Gurlock, Citizenship and Immigration's area director in Edmonton, that clients crossing the border with documents as a result of port of entry errors is common and not a new phenomenon.

Earlier this month, the Canadian Visa Bureau announced that visa applications will need to be accompanied by digital fingerprints and photographs at the country's visa offices from 2011.