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Canadians taking advantage of great US postal rates

Rachel Wheeler Archive
An increasing number of Canadians in border towns across the northern US are using the postal service in this country to send their mail, it has been revealed.

Cheaper rates at the USPS® mean that those living near borders with New York, Washington State or North Dakota will drive down to an American postal outlet to send their mail, reported the Globe and Mail this week.

eBay vendors will increasingly send mail via the US to save money on transactions it seems, as the postal service in Canada operates on a policy of financial goals and pricing strategies.

Gary Nerman, whose Books and Collectibles store in Winnipeg operates a mail order system, told the newspaper: "If I didn't ship through the States, I'd probably have to lay all my staff off for sure and just run the store [with] my wife.

"It would probably cut our sales down by 80 per cent, 90 per cent."