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Capture customer data while they browse, companies told

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Organizations have been reminded about the importance of capturing customer data on website visits, DM News has reported.

Austin Bliss, president and co-founder of Fresh Address, has recommended that businesses take advantage of real time email and real time postal appending.

"A real-time e-mail append allows marketers to retrieve an email address for any matched name and postal record as provided by website visitors," Mr Bliss explained.

"It converts single channel to multichannel marketing and reduces marketing costs by reaching customers via e-mail rather than postal mail. It also can be used as a validation tool for fraud prevention and prevent shopping cart abandonment."

The expert cites a lead-response management study, conducted by MIT and, which has found that the chances of converting a web-based lead into a sale are 21 times greater if it is responded to in five minutes versus 30 minutes.

comScore recently released figures which revealed that a record-breaking $43 billion was transacted online during the final quarter of last year in the US.

Posted by Paul Newman