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Car manufacturers prepare direct marketing for car scrappage

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Car manufacturers in the US are preparing a range of direct marketing strategies in preparation for car scrappage schemes that have proven successful in Europe.

Taking the same approach as that followed in Europe, US motorists will be encouraged to trade in their existing vehicles to buy a more energy-efficient model. The scheme has had a backing fund of $1 billion signed off by President Obama, reports Marketing Direct Magazine.

It is hoped the initiative will boost US car sales by 200,000 and manufacturers such as Chrysler and General Motors may carry out address verification in preparation for using direct marketing campaigns to promote the plan more effectively.

The automotive industry has been hit particularly badly by the global downturn, with several of the major manufacturers having to seek substantial bailout sums from the government in order to stay in business.

In the UK the scheme has played a significant role in increasing revenue in the car industry, while also encouraging motorists to develop greener driving habits.