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CASS certified technology gaining in popularity

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Qualified Address' LiveAddress real-time address verification service had over four million transactions during December 2009, it has been announced.

This is representative of a 30 per cent growth in users and serves to highlight the growing importance of Coding Accuracy Support System (CASS) technology for businesses that use mail.

The United States Post Service (USPS®)-backed equipment is used to provide effective and accurate address validation when gathering and maintaining data.

Jonathan Oliver, CTO and co-founder of Qualified Address, paid tribute to the system, saying that it had been "specifically designed to handle the dynamic, scale-out needs of our customers".

"By leveraging asynchronous, one-way messaging patterns internally, we can automatically adapt when under load to absorb any additional pressure."

Presort recently reported that printing companies who use mailing services and direct mail to maximise their exposure should learn to effectively utilize CASS certified systems.

It is designed to help improve the accuracy of the carrier route of mail.