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Catalogs can help drive internet sales

Rachel Wheeler Archive

US marketers may be interested to learn that by utilizing direct mail they can increase their level of online transactions and boost revenues.

According to the United States Postal Service (USPS®), catalog mailing can be a powerful medium, which can effectively drive potential customers to internet shopping websites.

Citing the findings of a market study by comScore, the organization highlighted the fact that, among visitors to online retail websites, twice as many catalog recipients made a purchase as those who did not receive a catalog.

In addition, these businesses were able to see a revenue increase of 163 per cent resulting from a comparison of purchases and money spent by catalog recipients against those who did not receive a catalog.

"Putting a focused, attractive catalog in the hands of your customers has a unique ability to engage their attention, and prompts them to browse your site and place orders," Steve Hernandez, acting vice president of sales at USPS, said.

"For e-tailers looking to push their sales to the next level, catalogs are a proven medium for delivering transactions and enhancing customer loyalty."

Marketers wanting to utilize direct mail may want to consider purchasing address verification software to minimize any costs associated with returned mail.

Posted by Rachel Wheeler