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Catalogs support net sales

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Websites that send out catalogs yield an average of 163 per cent more revenue, according to a recent study.

Sending direct mail advertising to supplement a website motivates customers to visit the site and also increases brand awareness and loyalty, the research by USPS found.

Neil Feinstein, director of creative services at New York-based advertising agency True North, tested the theory by sending out email advertising to consumers.

He said: "One week after the email, 20,000 direct mail pieces [were sent] to reinforce the message."

Mr Feinstein added: "The combination produced 5,543 new members, 122 per cent above expectations."

Catalogs provide a concrete layout of products that consumers can peruse at leisure and continuously, providing extended brand penetration that websites are unable to achieve.

The survey also found that website sales rose by 20 per cent after catalogs were sent.