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Life at Experian Data Quality

Making a difference together one day at a time

Experian is dedicated to making a meaningful impact in the communities that we live and operate in. Through relationships with non-profit organizations, financial support of local programs or initiatives, and encouraging employees to participate in community service, we champion multiple important causes while simultaneously encouraging a strong culture of caring across the organization. 

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Achieving peak performance

Last week, our Women in Experian group hosted an event in our Boston office, focused on how to “Achieve our Peak Perforce,” led by Christine Fiske. Christine is a Senior Digital Marketing Freelance Consultant, working primarily with startups and VC firms. Currently, she is working to become a leadership development facilitator and presented her session about achieving peak performance. Here are three takeaways I gained from this unique event: 

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Experian Data Quality celebrates Patriots' Day

Patriots’ Day has always held a special place in the hearts of Bostonians—it is Marathon Monday. As a day that many have trained for, for months or more, Marathon Monday has a special meaning to every runner. Its meaning, however, is not reserved only for the runners. As a company based in Boston, we feel it is important to incorporate the spirit of Marathon Monday and Patriots’ Day into our culture. 

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Building a better future, one young person at a time

At Experian Data Quality, we’re passionate about giving back to our community and building the next generation of leaders. On February 16, 2017, we did just that by hosting a fundraiser to support a local nonprofit, YouthBuild. The Boston-area organization helps low-income individuals reclaim their education and build the skills they need to thrive in employment. According to the organization, there are “at least 2.3 million low-income 16-24 year-olds in the United States who are not in education, employment, or training.” YouthBuild aims to service this population and help to unlock their potential.

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Experian Data Quality's scholarship winner uses data to do good

As we work to help our clients unlock the power of their data, Experian Data Quality is also committed to helping empower the next generation of data users. In that spirit, we launched a scholarship contest this year that prompts rising college seniors to show us how they use data in their daily lives. To enter, the students had to submit a one- to two-minute video and a short essay describing the importance of data quality. They had four months to prepare and submit their entries, with the promise of a $5,000 scholarship for the winning participant. 

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A mission in kindness accomplished at Boston Rescue Mission

Several of our employees recently walked down the street and around the corner to participate in an afternoon of volunteerism with the Boston Rescue Mission.

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Pumpkin spice data: Boston's take on the flavor of fall

The time has come here in Boston where, (scattered amongst still hot and very humid days), we have started to see a few signs of fall. While this can be felt in the mildly cooler weather, the most significant signs are coming from our favorite stops for caffeine or an afternoon treat. That's right - our good friend, the Pumpkin Spice Latte, has returned! Some debate that this drink’s arrival, and all of the pumpkin food and drinks you can think of, have arrived too soon. Others, like myself, have fully embraced this new addition to the menu with maybe one too many trips to Starbucks.

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Show the city who you are : 4 tips to connect your business with the community

Whether you are a Fortune 500 company or a striving startup, all organizations seek to connect with the community in which they live and work.  This takes more than just using your city’s hashtag on social media or issuing a press release to your local paper. Finding innovative and creative ways to show your company’s brand to the people around you is key, and Boston, where  Experian Data Quality’s North American headquarters happens to be, is filled with examples of companies who are doing just that. Last evening’s BostonFest, hosted by BostInno, was packed with individuals who were representing their company in creative ways, and enjoying their summer evening networking. 

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Share a Coke with: Matt Grill

Welcome to our Share a Coke series on the EDQ blog! We think hearing stories right from the people who make up our EDQ family gives us all a chance to recognize these individuals, their talents, and their stories. We wouldn’t be the company we are today without the people who make up our team, and they give a great view to what life at EDQ is like.

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5 key tips for growing and maintaining your network

Networking: some of us love it, some of us…not so much, but either way, it is an essential part to growing both personally and professionally. Recently, Experian Data Quality hosted a Local Levo: Boston event entitled ‘The Power of a Network,’ that helped give us, regardless of how we felt about the concept before, a whole new outlook on networking.

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