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Cell phones make marketing 'more relevant'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Cell phone ads can be more relevant than any other form of media, those taking on email marketing for business to business purposes were told.

Jon Mew, director of mobile and operations at the Internet Advertising Bureau, explained that inventiveness and ensuring relevance are the key factors in a successful ad campaign, with both aspects easier in cell phone and tablet marketing.

"On mobile it's key that advertisers think about optimizing their creativity for a mobile device and that the ads are relevant," he stressed.

"The targeted nature of mobile means you have the opportunity to make advertising more relevant than on any other media."

He added that many consumers are engaged with cell-based advertising and often expect it in exchange for free content.

Rob Thurner, mobile consultant and digital trainer at the IDM, agreed that the cell-phone market is a key media to tap into in order to reach a wide audience.

Posted by Richard Jones