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Census address verification underway in mid-west

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Address verification in Nebraska and Iowa is currently underway for the 2010 census.

According to the World-Herald news service, the need for data quality to be maintained is particularly important this year due to concerns about terrorism and hackers breaking into computers.

David Drozd of the University of Nebraska at Omaha's Centre for Public Affairs Research told the news provider the American Community Survey, which is a questionnaire mailed monthly to 250,000 randomly chosen residents as an alternative to the census, will this year coincide with the study.

He stated that his office is doing as much as possible to educate people about the documents in light of this.

Mr Drozd added: "More data, more quickly - that's its goal. Its purpose is to look at the ever-changing population in a more continuous manner."

Earlier this week, a Treasury Department report indicated that more than 2.3 million of the seven million errors taxpayers make each year in Internal Revenue Service (IRS) filings may be due to unclear or inadequate forms sent by the IRS.