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Centralization and recycling of data 'bad for business'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Increasing centralization of information is causing organizations to fall down on data quality issues, it has been suggested.

Businesses and public sector companies need to place data quality at the forefront of their plans to reduce the chance of error, David Lacey has claimed on his blog.

"For most of my career I've been concerned about the poor quality of most of our databases. It's likely to get progressively worse with increasing centralization and recycling of data," he noted in the article.

In addition, he stated that by checking information on a regular basis, businesses would be operating a cost effective scheme - in comparison to having to make amendments at a later stage.

Mr Lacey concluded by saying that more attention needed to be afforded to poor and inaccurate data quality if the issue was to be properly addressed.

An article for DMNews recently highlighted the need for organizations to regularly test and measure their data to ensure that it remains correct and up to date.

Posted by Paul Newton